The Corpus as Tutor: Data-driven Persuasive Language Learning


  • Nicolai Winther-Nielsen Fjellhaug International University College Denmark and Eep Talstra Center for Bible and Computer, VU University Amsterdam


Language learning, Persuasive technology, Bible Online Learner, Hebrew


This paper presents a new persuasive technology that uses a corpus stored in a database to generate learning objects for tutoring of self-directed learning. The technology was developed within the European Union project EuroPLOT 2010-2013 in order to drive effective learning through technology with, in, and around a corpus application. The paper argues that a corpus can generate learning objects, but a theory of Persuasive Technology must to be applied to optimise the design for learning. The paper presents Bible Online Learner as the implementation of this new architecture for persuasive corpus-driven learning, persuading the learner to focus on the form of the text through the interface and then guiding the learner into practice authentic forms. The corpus used is a database of the Hebrew Bible created by the EepTalstra Centre for Bible and Computer at the VU University in Amsterdam for and called ETCBC4.




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Winther-Nielsen, Nicolai. 2019. “The Corpus As Tutor: Data-Driven Persuasive Language Learning”. HIPHIL Novum 4 (1):23-34.