Unrestricted Original Language Resources


  • Jesse A. Griffin unfoldingWord
  • Todd L. Price unfoldingWord


open data, licences


The unfoldingWord project exists in a new paradigm of Bible translation that has dual needs of access to content in Gateway Languages and the legal freedom to use, translate, and modify them to suit their context. The benefit of providing original language materials in the Gateway Languages is that it removes the barrier of needing to learn English to deepen one’s understanding of the text. This paper investigates whether or not restricted texts provide the legal freedom that Church-Centric Bible Translation (CCBT) needs, whether “All Rights Reserved”, Creative Commons NoDerivatives, or Creative Commons NonCommercial licenses. The only
adequate public licenses for an original language resource to be translated are CC0, Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA), or possibly the Free Translate license.




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Griffin, Jesse A., and Todd L. Price. 2019. “Unrestricted Original Language Resources”. HIPHIL Novum 5 (2):86-96. https://hiphil.org/index.php/hiphil/article/view/47.



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