HIPHIL Novum is a peer-reviewed academic e-journal on Biblical History, Interpretation, Pedagogy, Hermeneutics, Interactive technology, and Linguistics focusing on the text and contexts of the Hebrew Bible and the Greek New Testament for advanced academic scholarship.

HIPHIL Novum supports the aims of SBL program unit GERT - Global Education and Research Techonoogy. The journal publishes issues that promote resources for open education for all continents, races, genders, and communities, serving the next generation of biblical research and sustainable technology.

The journal continues HIPHIL which was published in 2003-2010.

Publisher: The journal is hosted by Fjellhaug Internation University College Denmark and is managed by a professor on staff. However, HIPHIL Novum is scientifically and organizationally completely independent of the college. Its policies are defined by the SBL program unit GERT.

Sponsoring organisations: Global Education and Research Technology (GERT), a program unit at the Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting since October 2013.

Peer-review is defined according to the Nordic performance based bibliometric evaluation (see here): at least one other competent researcher most have approved the quality of the research before publication. The evaluator must be independent and external, but does not need to be anonymous.

From 2003-2010 HIPHIL was published as a Hebrew Bible e-journal edited by Jens Bruun Kofoed and co-edited by Nicolai Winther-Nielsen as part of SEE-J. It is resumed as HIPHIL Novum in 2014 by editor Nicolai Winther-Nielsen and an editorial team. Novum also implies that the new journal inclues the New Testament as well as a new global world. Earlier volumes of HIPHIL are available in the archive.