Editor: Nicolai Winther-Nielsen, professor of Hebrew Bible and Infomations- and Communications Technology at Fjellhaug International University College Denmark in Copenhagen; affiliated researcher  at the Eep Talstra Center for Bible and Computer, Amsterdam.

Co-editor: Matthey Anstey, Reverend, Associcate Professor and Director of Higher Degree Research at Alphacrucis College, Melbourne; Research Fellow Charles Sturt University; Visiting Research Fellow, University of Adelaide; Honorary Research Associate Professor, University of Queensland.

Editorial assistants:

Christian Canu Højgaard, PhD Candidate Hebrew Bible, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam

Ernst Boogert, PhD Candidate New Testament Studies, Protestantse Theologische Universiteit, Amsterdam.

English Language editor: Randall K. J. Tan, Ph.D., VP of Biblical Research, Global Bible Initiative, Grandville, MI, USA.